About The Book

This book, The Surrender Secret: How God Delivers Daily, is often apologetic, sometimes autobiographical and specifically designed to remind powerless Christians why they are behind enemy lines, what the rebellion looks like, and what is at stake.

It is a culmination of reading, study, and discussion between myself, my mother, two pastors and a variety of people over the past few years all trying to walk the Christian walk but sometimes finding ourselves powerless to get free from the universal—yet unique—brokenness that keeps us from personal and collective communion with God. As I looked around, I saw Christians experiencing divorce and addictions at the same rate as unbelievers, and unable to claim the promise that by baptism we are already new creatures born of a blood covenant from above.  According to Jesus this promise is not just for someday when Jesus returns, but here. Now.

The questions were obvious: If I know my salvation by the blood of Christ, and he promised to make me productive for his kingdom by way of the Holy Spirit, then why do I appear stuck behind enemy lines without any weapons? Why can’t I get unstuck? Why am I afraid? Why is my God-shaped hole filled with consuming activities that don’t push away my fear, and leave no room for God? Where is God?

Plato illustrates a world where darkness reigns, and all the people who live there see only shadows. But then one of them gets out into the light, and returns with a story of the reality behind the shadows. The only thing missing in his story is the name, Jesus, but even as Plato postulates this theory and imagines the emergence of such a person, the womb of Israel readies for the virgin birth of such a Messiah. A Divine man arrives who makes us real.

I theorize that we experience rebellion both internally and externally from birth.  Jesus entered right-side up into an upside down world, and because we are each born into this reality of rebellion, we have to look into his words carefully to see how his truths turn our unique experience right side up. He speaks directly to sins and addictions of every type. We can find our way to being productive, free, begotten children of God now, this very day, if we apply his truths to our bondage.

I introduce Nietzsche’s “will to power” evolutionary theory to show how willpower binds us tightly to fear, and I prove that it is not evolution, but rebellion.  Human ambition leads to death, but spiritual ambition driven by the Holy Spirit leads to the Kingdom of God, both in us and in the world.

This book is not yet published, but I will promote the ideas of the book in my daily blogging. When God compelled me to write it, He did not give me a five-year plan or share His purpose for it. I wrote this book as a discipline and sacrifice, and hope that the experience of surrender by Grace will ring true and lead to enlightenment for all the readers who stop off here.

I hope Christian readers will take away a better understanding of free will and a sense of God-fearing significance, seeing themselves as children of God. I hope to shine light on the illusions of good that Satan distorts to keep us unproductive and bound to our weaknesses.


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